I’m very sorry to say that in my last article, I mentioned certain things regarding certain federations on not doing the right thing by their members and may have given the wrong impression regarding one of the best federations in this country the UKBFF.

I’d like to put the record straight by saying that the UKBFF has been one of the better organized federations that has come out of UK. The president of the UKBBF Mr Bill Tierney and his wife Wanda and all the other delegates have run the UKBFF with very little reward for all their hard work over the years. I would also like to take this opportunity from me and all my guys from Muscleworks Gym that have competed in the UKBFF a big ‘THANKS’ to Bill and his wife Wanda. To other matters in hand, to finding the best and most efficient way of training and not wasting more time and effort in accomplishing zero.

The problem is that most of us are still training or have been training using methods that have gone out of date and should of gone out of date with black and white TV and in some instances with the horse and cart. If we use another sport for example, Formula 1 and see the progress that has been achieved in the last 30 years and in doing so we can see so many different small changes in so many different departments of that particular sport. Let’s look at Bodybuilding and its improvements and what it has achieved in the last 30 years apart from Sports Supplements, which will only help and work is if the training we are doing is correct and productive. The other improvement is the use of more different chemicals and not just Steroids, this is a joke and a big stigma in our sport. Nearly everyone keeps on doing the same thing, the same way, same methodology with very little progress and with so much effort, day in and day out. Let’s not kid ourselves, even the ones who compete in the smaller less insignificant competitions are taking so much juice just to make the line-up. This cannot be, it’s just crazy and health hazardous, we have to try and use logic and start listening to my three training principles.

It seems that very little thought is given to the frequency, the volume and the execution of each exercise. Three other factors that should happen in the correct sequence in order to progress is stimulation, recovery and growth. All three are as important as each other, because even if you were to miss one of the three main factors out, your progress would be zero. If you did to much volume, then recovery will not happen which means growth would not occur. One thing I have to mention, this applies to people that are natural and are not using outside methods.

Using supplements will help but only up to a small degree when you are training wrong and not creating any muscle stimulation, but imagine how helpful supplements could be if you could get everything right. With the aid of supplements that are on sale at the moment the improvements could be as if you were using the chemical bits. I’m so angry and passionate about this as I for one had wasted years of training when I was younger by doing things that were so wrong and when I look back now with my knowledge and understanding of the whole training process, with all my years as a gym owner in one of the most hard-core gyms in the country and been involved with so many genetically gifted bodybuilders and some not so gifted who have not been so successful in their quest for top honours in bodybuilding competitions, it was not because they did not try hard enough but because of their average genetics or sometimes below average. They could have achieved a lot more by changing their methods of training. This is one of the reasons why I agreed to work with Sports Nutrition Europe (SNE) Supplement Company and my role is that not just to help the company to produce high quality and useful supplements but also to help them progress and educate the athletes to accomplish their goals by making their workouts more productive.

That’s all for this month, keep reading and soon I will be revealing all the secrets that could make you into a champion, or the best you could be.

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