After years of thinking about it and contemplating it, finally I have decided to get involved in a production of a bodybuilding and fitness competition called the Total Fitness Extravaganza (TFE) in partners with The Beef magazine and the supplement brand Sports Nutrition Europe (SNE).

I will make sure this will become one of the best competitions ever to be staged in this country in years to come. With prize money and supplement sponsorship to all class winners and prizes to all runners up, this show will be fantastic, so look for details in this months issue of The Beef for dates and venue.

As I’m not experienced in this field, I’m surrounding myself with the right people to make sure it all goes according to plan. I’m not doing this for any financial gain, I’m only doing it for the love of the sport and what it has given me over the years. This competition will become better and better as I learn more about the business of staging a competition.

My dream is to make this become so successful so we can stage it one day in the Wembley Conference Centre again, where the EFBB British Championships were held once upon a time, when people that were in control were not thinking of the financial success of the show, when things were run for a non profit organization and not for a Limited Company like it is now. Sorry if I’m upsetting a few individuals by mentioning this but people that really know me and know what I’m all about, also know that I always speak my mind on all subjects and things.

I have written a template of how to revolutionize bodybuilding and fitness competitions that will create more general public awareness, with much more needed financial rewards for the athletes, that will change the actual phase of bodybuilding and fitness profile to a much higher plane that it has been for the last 50 years, which has seen hardly any change. We all know that in life, no matter what, without changes things wither and die of an early death. Any sport or any institution that comes to an end, was most likely because its federation was not willing to evolve with the times and with the changes in attitudes of the people at the time.

The nearest example I can give you related to our sport, is the NABBA Mr Universe competition which was one time even more prestigious than the Mr Olympia has become today. In the 1960’s and early 70’s, even when the Mr Olympia was about, even Arnold Schwarzenegger competed in the NABBA Mr Universe. At the time, it was only held in London and for years and years you had bodybuilders coming to London to compete.

When the Weider brothers approached the people that run NABBA at the time with a suggestion of holding the Mr Universe in America every other year because let’s face it the American bodybuilding movement was ten times bigger in the states than in Europe and also by the early 60s all the top stars were coming from the states, the NABBA people refused to even discuss it. Well we all know what has happened since then. NABBA is just a shadow of its former self and we saw the the Mr OLYMPIA evolve to a great height. NABBA has not held the Mr Universe competition in London since the early 1980’s. We still get the same format in posing and judging, with no real changes for over 30 years.

One example of evolution of one simple change that has happened within a sport that generates over billions in revenue is the advertising on Formula 1 racing cars since the middle of the 1960’s. The vision and drive of one man who is now in his 80’s, who still has the drive and vision of a man half his age is Bernie Ecclestone.

Another sport that has evolved well is football, with the Premiership being so big that next season it will be one handing out billions of pounds that will be distributed among the 20 teams.

What I’m trying to say is that with the right people with a vision anything is possible. We can include other companies in our sport of bodybuilding, not just the supplement companies. I do have that formula and soon all will be revealed.

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All the best in health and in life.