Muscleworks Gym, home to many of the UK’s top bodybuilders was founded by Savvas Kyriacou in 1988 when he was competing as a bodybuilder. Sav set out on a mission to create the ultimate training environment for himself which rapidly became famous for forging some of the most impressive physiques the country has ever seen.

 I once sold my boyhood dream car – a De-Tomasso Pantera – so that I could add more equipment to the gym when we first started out. I was obviously heartbroken at the time but the success of the gym and our members is the most important thing to me.



somewhere to train that was the best in the country and that would also produce the best.

The original Muscleworks Gym in Bethnal Green covers 8,000 sq ft and has more than 2,000 active members including professional bodybuilders, hardcore weight trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

As a child Kyriacou frequently visited the cinema with a predilection for films featuring bodybuilder and actor Steve Reeves. It was, however, only at the age of 21 that he started training as a bodybuilder.

In 1992 Kyriacou was crowned the South East Britain Bodybuilding Champion and was nominated as finalist in the British Championship in the under 80 kg weight class. From 1996-1998 Kyriacou was barred from the EFBB (European Federation of Bodybuilders – now the UKBFF) and instead competed for his native Cyprus during this time. Kyriacou won the Cyprus Grand Prix in 1996 and 1997, but was not allowed to compete internationally since he was no longer a resident. Kyriacou retired from professional bodybuilding in 1998 to focus on his own gyms and to provide training. In 2010 more than 50% of the UKBFF men’s champions reportedly trained at Kyriacou’s Muscleworks Gym.

Sav has personally coached 1000s of athletes in his 25 years of owning gyms and helped countless professional bodybuilders right up to men such as 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman. His inner knowledge of bodybuilding combined with his dedication, intellect and passion create results that speak for themselves. He is simply the best in the business.

It doesn’t stop here and Muscleworks just keeps on getting better, half the champions from the British Finals came from Muscleworks and the Gym is home to many of top bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities across the globe.

Our Promise


If you’re a regular member of Muscleworks you will know our energy comes from our desire to impress our customers rather than the zeal to best competitors.

Ever since we opened in 1985 – our goal has been to increase the value for our members. We’re internally driven to improve our service, adding benefits and features, before we have to.

These gyms are like my home, when you become a member. You are like family. You are looked after. You are put first. And you are always given open and honest advice.

I don’t know much about the competition, I’ve never had to. It’s never been important to me. My focus has always been on caring for my customers.

What I do know is that it takes something special to see an array of loyal members who’ve stuck with us through the decades, welcome guests who’ve travelled from all over the world to experience what makes our gyms tick, or witness the regulars who consistently travel from the other side of London passing all the competition, just to train at Muscleworks.

I know we’re on the right track when people say our gyms are magical. When they try and persuade me to open up on their side of town or even back in their home countries. Or when top athletes choose our gyms as their training ground and magazines tout Muscleworks as the best gym in the UK.

Above all, I know my gyms are special when I see our members constantly improve and transform towards their goals.

I can’t put any of this down to one factor. It isn’t just the facilities or our level of service. It’s more than that. When you work to perfect every aspect, and you care for your customers beyond anything else. You create synergy that feels like magic.

When you step foot into any of my gyms, I promise you three things:

1. Members Come First – The most important part of everything we do, is you. No matter who you are, or your previous training experience everyone is a priority in our gyms.  We know you on a first term basis and unlike the majority of commercial gyms, you will never be seen as just a number.

2. Transparency – We have a no BS attitude to the service we provide, we are always open and honest with our advice. You’ll never see gimmicky fitness machines in our gyms nor will we try and sell you bogus supplements. If we don’t think something is worthwhile we won’t advocate it.

3. We Never Stop Evolving – Our constant goal has been to improve the experience for our customers, whether this involves expanding the gyms or improving our prices, we’re always adding benefits and services to serve our members best.

Don’t take my word for it. These are my promises. Get down to any of our gyms and watch me live up to them.

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